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Agreement Terms

When either signing our Agreement Terms, or requesting us to perform a service and having us perform the service, these are the terms you are agreeing to.

-The agreement is active once signed and/or services are started, and expires when the last invoice for the work completed in that same year is paid or earlier if Between the Green cancels it.
-Billing will be sent to the provided email at the beginning of the following month from when the work is completed. A $10 Late Fee will be added to an invoice if not paid by the due date. An additional $10 will be added every 7 days after the due date.
-Customer is bound to this agreement. 
-Customer may terminate services for any reason but must give a 3-day notice. 
-State of Indiana laws apply to this agreement.
-Customer is responsible for all court costs, witness and collection processing costs, attorney fees, and related expenses incurred in collection of charges related to this agreement. 
-I, the customer/client, have read and agree to these agreement terms.

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