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Information About Services

LAWN CARE APPLICATIONS - All our lawn care applications include granular fertilizer, except Round #2 which is full coverage weed control and liquid crabgrass pre-emergent. Rounds #3-6 also include spot weed control. We use high quality products with slow-release granular fertilizer and perfectly space out applications to ensure your lawn is the best it can be. Please indicate how many applications you want for your yard.

LAWN MAINTENANCE - Mowing and edging are the two main nonchemical components of maintaining a lawn. Mowing includes using a mower to cut the customer’s yard as well as going around with a string trimmer to cut any spots where mowers cannot reach, like around obstacles. Mowing will be done typically once a week, weather permitting. Edging will be done with an edger run along all the outlines of the yard that follow hard surfaces, which typically are along sidewalks, driveways, and walkways. Edging is typically done 1-2 times a month. After all lawn maintenance work is done, sidewalks, driveways, and walkways will be blown off.

MOSQUITO CONTROL - Our mosquito treatments eliminate up to 90% of mosquitos, fleas, ticks, and other nuisance pests by targeting all landscape shrubs, trees, wood lines, and around patios and decks. These treatments are designed to eliminate as much of the mosquito population as possible on your property. However, there is no way to completely ensure 100% elimination. I cannot stop other mosquitos from flying onto your property. Please allow the product 30 minutes to dry before allowing family and pets to return to the yard. Mosquito Control applications will be completed at the same time as lawn applications. 

LAWN AERATION – Whether done in the spring or fall, aeration is one of the most under-rated lawn services customers take advantage of. It is also a great idea to include seeding to an aeration job every few years to introduce new grass and root growth. 

GRUB CONTROL – Adding Grub Control to your lawn program is an ideal preemptive step to avoid grub problems later in the year. If left untreated grubs can cause significant damage to a lawn. It is also cheaper to treat for grubs early in the year than to post treat after a grub problem is identified. Grub Control applications will be completed at the same time as lawn application.  

PERIMTER INSECT APPLICATION – This service is designed to drastically reduce the number of bugs and insects entering your house. Each application includes an insecticide treatment 2 feet up and 2 feet out from the base of your house all the way around. We offer this service 6 times per year; please indicate how many applications you want for your house. Perimeter Insect applications will be completed at the same time as lawn applications.  

TREE AND SHRUB FERTILIZER – Don’t forget about all your shrubs and landscape trees. In addition to your lawn, we will also fertilize all trees and shrubs below 15 feet as needed, once in the spring and then again in the fall. This is also completed at the same time as lawn applications.  

CLEAN UP – Cleaning up is a good way to ensure your yard is debris free. We will haul all debris collected away.  We recommend getting 1 clean up in the spring, and 1 in the fall. 

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